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Support programspecial infertility

3 modules available:
🌼My PMA 🌼

be an actor in my PMA journey


live a serene and fulfilling pregnancy


develop the maternal bond


Personalized support
Playful and pragmatic approach
Experience sharing
Support system


Why an accompaniment on infertility?

I chose to dedicate part of my support to people facing infertility because I myself experienced the path of Medically Assisted Procreation which allowed me to be a mother of two children today.
This ordeal had profound consequences both physically and psychologically from which I was able to recover thanks to various therapies that I found and experienced alone.
Today I am committed to facilitating this journey for women and men living this experience, by restoring their confidence and serenity in order to optimize their chances of becoming parents in a cocoon of comfort bursting with optimism.

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