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Canva - Succulent Plant on Gray Plant Po


Body & mind harmony

When emotions overwhelm you, you are disoriented, overwhelmed by stress or even in pain. You then apprehend the events of life withmistrustand theanxietyinvades you

preventing you from living peacefully.

Sophrology is based on the possibilities offered by the unconscious, toanchorin body and mind all the positive aspects of your life in order torebalance your emotional stateand find

calm, serenity and joie de vivre

Some examples of issues addressed in sophrology: 

🌿 Live your emotions serenely 🌿

🌿 Managing Anxiety 🌿

🌿 Fall back to sleep 🌿

🌿 PMA course monitoring 🌿

🌿 Serene pregnancy 🌿

🌿 Mother-father/child bond 🌿

🌿 Life changing 🌿

Sophrologie: Bienvenue
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